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3 definitions by VT4life420

the 8th day of the week. begins on friday afternoon when you get out of school/work and ends sometime early saturday morning or whenever you pass out. Typicall freedays are spent drinking and/smoking. "freeday" is derived from friday and the freedom that accompanies it. Typical freedays are started off with a smoke ride, where one freeday participant should call weedgun to assure the optimal smoking position.
Rory: damn school sucked today
Ted: well its 2:20, officially Freeday!
Zak: lets head to my moms house
by VT4life420 April 22, 2007
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similar to shotgun, but called when multiple people are going on a smoke ride. the person who calls "weedgun" gets the front passenger seat and is in charge of all things weed related, aka rollin a blunt or packing a bowl.
Rory: lets go on a smoke ride
Ted: sounds good
Zak: weedgun!
by VT4life420 April 22, 2007
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short for "hi i have" or "hi i've". commonly used in Vermont.
Rory: hi.
Heather: hi've got something to tell you.
by VT4life420 April 26, 2007
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