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the single most disgusting group of people on the planet. they feed on war, suffering and racism. they are warmongerers who invade other people's country's in a futile bid to give them "political freedom" (i.e. american facism). they are all morbidly obese child molesting pig-rapists who enjoy nothing more than being self-righteous small minded homophobic racist bullies. they also belive that the ability to shoot and maim innocent people make you free. their current leader, bush, is a shining example of why they shouldn't be alowed to be a free country. they belive that the world looks up to them, the pioneers of global warming, and proud creators of the extralarge mega big Mac. and they wonder why 9/11 happend (not that it was a good thing).
those fat, loud, mildly offensif tourists swearing and fighting? yep, they're the yanks.
by VOICE OF GOD!! February 02, 2008

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