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When a person experiences stoppage in their normal bowel movement patterns. A hiatus usually must exceed two days to be noteworthy, unless the person at hand regularly poops like clockwork.
Example 1:
"Damn guys, we need to hit up Taco Bell. I'm on a two day hiatus..."

Example 2:
Friend 1 "I'm starting to worry about this 8 day hiatus I'm on."

Friend 2 "Damn gurl, why don't you unload that shit on the porcelein city???"

Friend 1 "My boyfriend keeps asking for anal sex, so I figure if I say yes and then unleash holy hell 'by accident' he'll never want to do it again."

Friend 2 "......Um...."

Friend 1 "I figure it's worth ruining one pair of sheets if I never have to hear that again."

Friend 2 "That's fucked up."
by VJDay January 24, 2011

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