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what a guy usually says when he doesn't want to take the relationship any further and/or starts to panic
here's an example:
girl: (gets closer to the guy) Hey Babee...
guy: Yeaa..? (looks worried)
girl: I was thinking we should get ma-
guy: - I'm sorry I'm GAY! we can't get married!
girl: WHAT!!! I was going to say get matching shirts for the game!
guy: -____-
by VICKYflysHIGH February 15, 2009
DEFINITION-i don't know.
usually said when shrugging their shoulders and lying
Mom- Thomas James Anderson! Whose bong is this?
TJ- ionno..
Mom- Don't you lie to me!
TJ- I'm not...ionno
by VICKYflysHIGH February 15, 2009
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