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3 definitions by VELO

Arguable the greatest Starcraft: Brood War player of all time. His career continued into Starcraft 2 where he shows promising results and is still one of the best players in the world.
Dude, did you see that muta split from Jaedong?
by VELO October 15, 2013
8 0
This word is a very basic description, made by a very basic person, that relates to "something bad on the internet that can make your site go bye bye". In other words, this term is a very drawn out and elongated saying of the term virus.
PKT: I just also thought I'nd mention it because if your computer was doing it, like mine has done to me before .... you could fix your comp.
Suzaku: like a virus hack thing of some sort?
by Velo May 01, 2005
10 7
Shizzies, noun.
"i like tons of shizzies"
I like tons of shit.
by Velo May 27, 2003
3 0