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1. In olden times, circa 1700's, pirates plunder the seas in search of treasure, fame, and fortune.

2. In today's society a "pirate" is now known as someone who "pirates" or steals music and downloads illegally from programs such as BitTorrent or Limewire.
1. "Pirates were often known for their knowing of great sword handling."

2. "Jeff is a pirate, he downloaded the new Aersosmith C.D. off of Limewire!"
by V3nom May 25, 2007
Nintendo, the company made famous for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment system) and the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment system) was originally a card game manufacturing company, which became popular in Japan. They later became a video game manufacturing company. Their first consoles were a series of "Color T.V. Games." Then created the NES. Which was popular for the Super Mario Bros. game, which the main character, Mario, set a staple for Nintendo. The SNES came along, followed by the Nintendo 64. Until 2001, the GameCube came, and Nintendo was presumably put into Third Place in the Console Wars (see article for details) and lost the 2001-2004 Console race. Then, in 2004, Nintendo released a new, portable, gaming device, The Nintendo DS (dual screen.) When 2006 rolled along, Nintendo revealed their new console, the Nintendo Wii. Using motion sensing technology, it inspired many to get off their couches and actually feel as if they were inside of the game.
"Nintendo was one of the first companies to make a video gaming console."
by V3nom May 25, 2007
A popular forum, used mainly for downloading files for a mod for the ground-breaking game, Half Life 2. It has also developed general topics where be can talk and socialize with other members. See Garry's Mod
"Did you hear about the new announcement at the Facepunch Forums?"
by V3nom May 25, 2007
In old japenese times, a mysterious, cloaked man, (or woman) who killed in the shadows, using stealth as their key weapon. In today's society, the choice "Which is better: Pirate Or Ninja?" is known almost everywhere.
"That ninja just totally OWNED that pirate!"
by V3nom May 25, 2007
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