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The act of receiving an undesirable action against you by the giver (usually male). From the giver's perspective, the act of dishing out pain, embarrassment, or sometimes pleasure.
Wow did he just put you in an armbar?? Just tap out man you're takin' it.

Megan Fox is so sexy I would definitely make her take it.
by V-Sizzle August 10, 2009
A man so despised by white people that they don't even care about being called racist(falsely) when they openly display their hate for him.
Jayquan: So how do you feel about Michael Vick getting signed to the Eagles?

Cooper: I hate Michael Vick for all I care he can burn in hell.

Jayquan: Wow I think you're racist

Cooper: Well you should know by now I mean I voted for McCain.
by V-Sizzle August 13, 2009

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