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The self-styled "Official snack of hip-hop", Rap Snacks are James "Fly" Lindsay's brainchild. Rap Snacks come in six flavours: Sour cream and onion, sour cream and ultra cheddar, hot riplets, platinum bar-be-que, honey BBQ, and "southern crunk BBQ". All snacks feature a rapper on the front, and information about said rap artist on the back. Rappers featured on Rap Snacks range from Dirt McGirt to Master P. Lindsay wishes to impart the message to all urban youth that change is possible, and that reading, staying out of gangs, and starting your own business are invaluable. Commonly found at 7-11 stores and the like, Rap Snacks are independently owned alternatives to Doritos with more "cred" than those honky chips will ever have.
"Yo homez, let's get some 40's, some Rap Snacks, and get Loc'd"
by V to the iddy May 30, 2005
A delightful webcomic made by John Allison concerning the inhabitants of Tackleford, England, mainly the exploits of Shelley Winters (a kind, cute mayoral assistant) and Amy Chilton (a spoiled, selfish yet good-hearted art student). Escapades have included zombies, anthropomorphic gas, Space Owl, Jimi Hendrix's Devil Bear, the Portuguese Man-O-War, and many sprinklings of non sequitors as well as indie charm. http://www.scarygoround.com. Updates four days a week. Allison also makes T-shirts that put Urban Outfitters' to shame.
I read on Scary-Go-Round that Krakkagar is my Secret Scary Friend!
by V to the iddy May 30, 2005
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