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a person who is always complaining, a broken record.

also commonly termed as 'windgemop'
dan's girlfriend is such a windgemop, always getting up in everyone's business about her opinions and complaining about almost everything. i hope he's not bringing her tonight
by UuberNerd July 28, 2009
a state of mind in which one feels overwhelmed by the presence of irrationality, stupidity, and/or stuck in situations where you are beholden to the moronic behavior of others.
Its almost impossible to avoid moronia while trying to run errands during rush hour.

'man i gotta get out of this town, its just constant moronia, no cool people to hang out with'

'i think i'm going to have to pass, everytime we hang out with your friends its just an unendurable trip to moronia'
by UuberNerd August 14, 2009
witless followers of the teabagger palin-way, hellspawn of the post-rove mcainian machine
wtf is up with all these fox news loving palindrones lately? they should form their own idiocracy somewhere away from the rest of us normal, educated folk. too bad for the repulblican party, eh?
by UuberNerd October 19, 2010
the act of getting duped into viewing a justin beiber video unintentionally. see rick-rolled
oh man i shouldn't have told my cooworker about hearing that justin beiber song on the news again, he beiber rolled me with some links i thought were about the new ipone, aaagggh!
by UuberNerd April 19, 2010
gnarly and nasty at the same time
that last jam they played was gnarlsty!!
you are gnarlsty on the half pipe man!
by UuberNerd February 02, 2015

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