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Pants that mostly hippies and scene kids use.It actually originated during the 70s and then looked goofy on 2000-2004.Then somewhat came back to style on 2006-2007.They used to only sell it on thrift stores.Now it's in every mall.Skinny jeans used to be for skinny bitches.Now people made it the new trend for dudes.SKINNY JEANS are not for fat bitches.It's for girls who have no big hips,no stomach,and skinny legs.Posers that want to be emo buys expensive skinny jeans that costs more than what it is.They just want higher attention because half od the people think that skinny jeans=emoness.
Fat chick:Loook!I got these new skinny jeans,how does it look on me?
Skinny chick:ew.omg that is so freaking emo.and u also look fat in it.isnt that tight for you?

Emo Poser:buys expensive hot topic & pacsun skinny jeans from store for $48.99 and wears it then shows off at school*

Hey.I got these new jeans from hot topic.arent i so emo?it cost me like 50 bucks because i am such an emo punk chick kind of style.not like those girly girls out there.

Scene kid:dude.you could just like by those at forever21 or our nearby thrift store for 20 bucks.
by Utada June 07, 2007

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