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A creature of the night featured in the TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Vampires are souless creatures with no conscience, a ruthless killer instinct, and a never ending thirst for human blood. Their lack of a soul or a conscience, coupled with their murderous intent makes them one of the most lethal variety of demon in the Buffyverse.

Vampires are extremely strong in comparison to a regular human being. Their strength is of course, mystical in nature. It aids them during hunting, and is key to their survival. In addition to their incredible strength levels, vampires also possess heightened senses such as smell, sight and hearing. They can also sense fear.

Vampires have only 2 interests: Drinking blood, and killing human beings. They take a great deal of pleasure in fucking people up; torture is a vampire's favourite passtime. A vampire notable for his love of torture is Spike, or "William the Bloody".

Vampires also have weaknesses. A shit load, to be precise. You can kill one by the following methods:

Stabbing that mofo in the heart with a sharp piece of wood after which they will subsequently turn to dust. Pretty hilarious really when you think about it; something as awesome as that turns to basically nothing as a result of being stabbed in the chest with wood. Made me wonder how Angel's friends would react if he died, haha. There would be nothing left of him to cry over.

Making him drink holy water, or alternatively, dipping him in holy water. The resut would be spontaneous combustion.

Cutting his head off, or blowing it off with a shotgun, or slamming it in a car door

Droping him in a box full of crosses

Drop kicking him into the sunlight

Setting him on fire.

Feeding him "The Killer of the Dead": a poison for vamires that kills slowly and painfully in 24 hours.

As vampires are primarily noctural, they only ever hunt at night, except for the ones that have tinted delivery trucks and full body suits. If they do have said suits, they will take advantage of your complacent attitude during the day, and drag you into the truck where you will be gang raped by a bunch of them, and subsequently bitten.

Vampires kill their prey by biting either the jugular vein or biting the arm and drinking the victim's blood till there's nothing left in the body.

Their favourite blood is Slayer blood, which they refer to as "supercharged juice" or "warrior juice". Least favourite is pigs' blood, which funny enough is what the reformed Angel drinks, in stark contrast to his Angelus alter ego, who only drinks blood from the healthiest of humans.

Speaking of Angelus - He is the most twisted vampire of all, currently the strongest (after The Master died), the smartest and the most deadly.

In order to make a human being a vamipire, you have to "sire" him or her. This can be done by drinking his blood, and then letting him drink yours just before he dies. The newly made vampire will rise from his grave at midnight or so.
Notable vampires: Me, Angelus, Darla (fine piece of ass when she's not biting yours off, lulz), Spike, Drusilla, Penn (serial killer vampire), The Master (boring Turok-Han-esque vampire).
by UserOfInternetsLol October 29, 2006
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