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soft cookies, usu. comtaining some sort of soft jelly filling. esp. if sold in a small white bag by pepperidge farm.
Everytime we go to my aunt's house, she serves us old people cookies.
by Urinehat February 06, 2007
semen; sticky man goo, esp. with masturbation.
Having no date for the prom, Billy decide to stay home and make hand chowder.
by urinehat December 15, 2006
using a friend (or stranger's) myspace page to check out their attractive or interesting friends, then their friends, and their friends and so on.
I spent most of the afternoon friend surfing on myspace.
by urinehat January 04, 2007
legendary new orleans rapper.

He has a posse.
put on that sun valley deth trap and listen to smoke masta dank.
by urinehat January 04, 2007

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