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An ugly, buck-toothed, backwoods bitch from Arkansas who hitched her sizeable caboose to the fortunes of super-politico and world-class poon-hound Bill Clinton. This "looks dumb but ain't" hill-billary first schemed her snatch-obsessed hubby all the way to the White House, deflty side-stepping all manner of high-stakes land swindles and sex scandals along the way. Once the Washington jig was up, she duped a bunch of dumb-ass New Yorkers into electing her senator, where she subsequently accomplished nary a single campaign promise and helped worsen living conditions for her constituents. What she lacks in looks and ethics, she more than makes up for in brains and wile. If we are not careful, this slippery she-devil will attempt to use her New York senatorship as a stepping stone to land in the White House for a second disasterous term where this time there will be no need for her to hide the fact that she is running the show. This will free Bill up to chase poontang from one end of the globe to the other.
That f---ing Hill-Billary is runnin' fer the White House agin!
by Urbologist January 03, 2007

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