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A gay man, usually between the ages of 30 and death, who frequents circuit parties in large cities (often named after a color, as in “the white party”). Typically identical both physically and intellectually to the other 3,000 circuit queens in attendance. Difficult to determine exact age due to the counteracting effects of tina, botox, X, Viagra, Rogaine, steroids, the tanning bed, plastic surgery, and Xanax. Usually associates and/or mates exclusively with others of its sub-species.
That tired old circuit queen is 30 but looks 50 in the daylight.
by Urban_Wordsmith February 26, 2005
Short for Fecal Urgency. Severe diarrhea that comes on so fast that a bathroom must be found within a matter of minutes because it's coming out no matter what. Often contains little or no solid matter and feels like you're peeing out your ass. Frequently occurs the day after a long night of drinking
Those Jager shots I did last night caught up with me around noon and I had to stop at a gas station for a major F.U. attack.
by Urban_Wordsmith February 26, 2005
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