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2 definitions by UrbanPictionary

The term was invented from a character in the Anime "Shin Chan", a mother who holds a stuffed bunny against the wall and punches it repeatedly in the gut to relieve her numerous frustrations.

The term is used to describe someone you know must be going home at night and punching some stuffed animal against the wall in secrecy.
"Shes little tightly strung, a real bunny puncher"

"I can't believe Gail remains so eerily pleasant, how does she do it?"
"I bet shes a bunny puncher!"
by UrbanPictionary December 21, 2007
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When drag-and-dropping files, using a Mac, clicksie is the sinking feeling one gets after a series of misclicks that escalate in degrees of haywire, until something ridiculously unintended happens. Often with clicksie, something is stuck to the mouse pointer, or a file is mislaid after being dropped at that last millisecond before the window one was hovering the file over does that little move-around dance intended for convenience. Clicksie can also be caused by the confusion between playing, editing, and selecting titles in Itunes.

Not a serious condition, clicksie is often accompanied by lighthearted chuckling, and the word "ack".
*click* *click click* "aaack, clicksie!"
by UrbanPictionary December 22, 2007
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