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The area/space around the inside of the thighs of a large or obese person.

An area of warm, moist, offensive fetor.
a) Norman released a moist air biscuit into his gag-a-maggot sweat locker.

a) "Watch out! Bean's just vacated the bathroom and it's a real sweat locker in there".
by Urban Doofus February 16, 2005
A minge magnet is a guy who invariably attracts the opposite sex, much to the irritation of his friends (cf. fanny magnet). However, those he attracts are not always top-notch muff (qv.)
Did you see that minger make a bee-line for Dave - he's a right minge magnet, the twot.
by Urban Doofus February 16, 2005
a dark foreboding feeling, often associated with a tightness around the neck.
"Man, sorry I couldn't make it last night - I came over all Vaderesque"

"That politician has a real Vaderesque quality about him"
by Urban Doofus February 16, 2005
The small pieces of organic debris that somehow miraculously survive in the bowl after you flush the toilet.
"Man, did you flush? Those clearwater crudites are back again"
by Urban Doofus February 16, 2005

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