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Usually what dozy, half-conscious, in-a-daze teenage girls say about every boy they go out with, often on facebook (in their status or on their profile page).

This is usually followed by 'I hate x', 'x is the worst boyfriend ever' or 'how could x/he do this to me?'. These comments are usually brought on by the guy dumping her after a good long run, and because the girl is so blinded by love, she fails to realise that teenage relationships were never meant to go anywhere further than a couple of weeks of teen sex because most guys are smart enough to know that the girl they choose to go out with has a long list of flaws that would make her incompatible in a proper adult relationship with them, and are only interested in the short run, as they should be.
Girl 1 - OMG he's the greatest boyfriend ever!

Girl 2 - Chillax, you've been going out for like a week.

A month later.

Girl 1 - OMG I hate him! He's the worst boyfriend ever! *Cries*

Girl 2 - Well what do you expect? It's not as if you were going to get married...
by Urban Dictionary Upper February 18, 2010
A retard who's born with a few extra chromosomes and, as a result of this, feels obligated to vote down on every UD definition he comes across just because he feels like it.
Person A - Hey, why's that spaz voting down on that UD definition for crack? It's a perfect definition man!

Person B - Oh him? Yeah, he's just an Urban Dictionary Downer.
by Urban Dictionary Upper February 18, 2010
The people who just have to vote up or down on every single Urban Dictionary submission they come across, even though nobody cares about their opinion.

Urban Dictionary (meaning the website an Urban Dictionary OAP votes up or down on submissions on)

OAP (referring to old age pensioners, people who have an obsession with voting)
Even though he had absolutely no interest in the topic of blowjobs, Tom scrolled through every definition he could find, voting up on the ones that were accurate or appealing, and down on the ones that were a load of bullshit. He was a total Urban Dictionary OAP.
by Urban Dictionary Upper February 18, 2010

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