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an event or thing that is or was tight or sharp. adapted from sharp, which became shipe, and then shob.
"damn, them shoes is shob."
"we by the club tonight." "that's shob."
"my stable shob, yaheard?"
by uptown panda April 10, 2008
Where the neighborhood you're from, or where you generally have grip. Usually where you grew up or currently "put it down."
"The 19th is my set son, I got it locked-down tight."

"What set you from?"

"They always playin' dice by the lake." "Yhea, that's Rodney's set."
by Uptown Panda February 05, 2010
A word used to describe something that is typically true, but not always.
"He plays it from the outside, mostly."

"The police mostly just hassle us for a cut."

"The Reverend just eats hamburgers, mostly."
by Uptown Panda February 05, 2010
An activity that is best described as pre-meditiated but generally aimless stealing.
"I saw that somebody stole they drive-thru speaker but I didn't know it was y'all out jackin'"

"We was out jackin' stereos when the police crept up on us."

"Any of y'all want to go by the club?" "Nah, we out jackin' tonight."
by Uptown Panda February 05, 2010

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