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Tool with a twist. A toolio is an idiot, a douche bag, a skyler... A toolio is much worse than a tool. They are like tools, only 500 times worse. These toolios are found all over the globe, and it is not rare to catch one on the way to class, work, or even the supermarket. Watch out for toolios. Nobody likes them, and if you are sucked into one of their cults, you can never return.
As Skyler skipped around in her underwear, Clare said," Oh my like total gosh, what a toolio!" Abi agreed.
by Untoolios to the Maxxx November 30, 2005
Pronounced- Baybe-in (adj.)

Definition- Really hot, attractive, handsome, dreamy, particularly when describing a male
Hot damn, Clare. That lifeguard is babein!
by Untoolios to the Maxxx December 28, 2007

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