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A very good looking and rather intelligent individual.

Friend to many and a genius when it comes to humour.

Very very very British.

He will call you a tit often

He laughs at all foreigers

He gets about 30fps in Crysis which is fine with him.
French person: Hello :)

Unstableiser: You French tit!

Unstableiser: Only joking :)
by Unstableiser May 10, 2009
Someone who is far too drunk to have a religion.
Dan: So. How about that god, eh?
Rusty: Don't talk to me about god. I'm an Alcotheist.
Dan: What's an Alcotheist then?
Rusty: *pisses self and passes out in pool of vomit*
Dan: I feel enlightened!
by Unstableiser May 23, 2009
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