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2 definitions by Unna L. Wildt

verb; to spramp, she spramps, spramping.

The action of liquid being forced onto something/somebody.

As heard on Will & Grace, ep. 1.17.
The ocean waves spramps on the rocks.

I like to spramp some perfume on for the hubby.

I like to spramp a little water on my face every morning.

"I'm spramped if I do, I'm spramped if I don't." Being spramped has nothing to do with being screwed (in the clean sense of the word).
by Unna L. Wildt April 15, 2008
Vagina sympathy is to females what penis sympathy is to males. It hurts our kittycats to hear about damaged kittycats.
Males may crumble at the thought of a soccer ball in the groin, but imagine what females are going through when hearing a sentence combining maternity wards and poultry scissors.
I'll disappear in the corner in pure vagina sympathy the day a friend gives birth to a baby in the same room.
by Unna L. Wildt November 11, 2007