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Pierce The Veil is a very amazing band from San Diego, California. They are considered Post-Hardcore, and wear that title well. This band is phenomenal live, and well worth the price of the ticket. Pierce The Veil has two albums out, A Flair for the Dramatics, and Selfish Machines.
The band consists of

Vic Fuentes-Vocals/Guitar
Mike Fuentes-Drums
Jaime Preciado-Bass/Screams
Tony Perry-Guitar
Hey, I just saw Pierce The Veil at the Gamechangers tour!
Hell yeah! Me too! It was fuckin' amazing!
by UnknownArtist109 May 14, 2011
One of the best metalcore bands ever. Many girls only like this band because of the lead singer/screamer Oliver (Oli) Scott Sykes. It has been quoted by Oli that he doesn't like how so many of his 'Fans' listen to BMTH only because of his good looks. Bring Me The Horizon is amazing live, and worth the price of the ticket. They have three albums out, which are Suicide Season, Count Your Blessings, This is What the Edge of your Seat was Made For. BMTH is a British band from Sheffield, England. Oliver Sykes has a clothing line out called Drop Dead.

Bring Me The Horizon consists of

Oliver Sykes-Vocals
Lee Malia-Guitar
Jona Weinhofen-Guitar
Matt Kean-Bass
Matt Nicholls-Drums
Hey Man, Did you see Bring Me The Horizon last night?

Yeah! They were fuckin' awesome!
by UnknownArtist109 May 14, 2011

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