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A chat room ('Neoboard') on Neopets.com, filled with wannabe goths, and scene kids. Most can be seen '*glomp*'ing and saying 'OMG ILU' every post they make, and most consider their friends to be called 'loves'. I don't reccommend even thinking about going there unless you are pretty, the natives at EMS (Evil Things and Monster Sightings) do not like ugly people, even though virtually all of them are ugly themselves.

In Depth--

Although it may seem as if there are only ugly and dumb people here, there are some cool people, i.e. Leslie, Olivia, Jennuh, Julia, Shade, George, Gfrins, Chris, BD, Amber, Shane, etc., even though 5 out of all 12 of those people log on daily or so.


I should warn you about the wannabe homosexuals there, the one ages 13, you know; the ones who want to be bi and/or gay/lesbian just because it's the new trend. Also the emo kids, cutting themselves and listening to MCR when they know in the back of their minds that MCR is lame and is not emo. There's also the japanophiles, the people who use anime emoticons such as ^_^ and :3 every post, and who are in love with every JRock band in existance. If you're looking for hot girls, I'd only consider two or three hot girls there, . . . Jennuh, Gfrins and Amber . . .

All in all, EMS r0XX0rz to some degree.
EMS: Board 17 on Neopets.com, yo.
by Unknown Entity October 09, 2006

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