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Any speech that has been slurred from drunkenness, distorted by lousy loudspeakers, or just rendered incomprehensible by other means. Refers to the "whaa-whaa-whaa" trombone effect from old Peanuts TV specials, indicating when an adult was speaking. Originally used in this context Feb. '06 on the DCRTV.COM (Washington area radio and television) website .
(Loudspeakers at Philadelphia's 30th Street Amtrak station) "Whaa-whaa-whaa Track 6".

Ed: Sounds like they hired a Charlie Brown Teacher to do the announcements.
by Unkie Al February 11, 2006
Literally, "zapped nipple". Walk across a carpet on a dry day, then touch a companion - male or female - through their clothing on their chest to deliver a static shock directly to their areola. The sensation is not painful or lasting, but is hard to forget. Also known as the "Areola Borealis"
He: "Hey, ever have a Zapple?"
She: "What is that, iced tea?"
He: "Nope (zap!)"
She: "OW! You @#$% ! ! !"
by Unkie Al December 08, 2005
Street pronunciation of "that's all." Related to "dassit."
Porky Pig Cartoon: "That's All, Folks!"
Inner City Cartoon: "Dassall, muthaf***azz!"
by Unkie Al September 13, 2006
Acronym: shorthand for "Just So I Know", used in corporate emails. Similar in use to JSYK (Just So You Know), another way of saying FYI.
JSIK, I have 2 wks of vacation this year, right?
by Unkie Al May 23, 2006
Verb; to listen with a critical or objective ear. One would "earball" a great music remix or other piece of audio in the same way as one might "eyeball" a hot chick.

Note that this differs from the two-word definition "ear ball" elsewhere on Urban Dictionary, which refers to the inner workings of the human ear.
Cliche guy #1: Made some slammin' breakbeats on my computer last night and I got 'em in my player.

Cliche guy #2 Gimme your 'phones man, lemme earball 'em.
by Unkie Al February 21, 2006
A violent emotional reaction; a conniption; an over-the-top angry response to a situation. More seismic than simply "he shit his pants." A square shit is painful and difficult, due to the presence of pointed corners at the edges, so to "take a square shit" means one's reaction to a situation or its outcome must be equally painful and likely beyond hope.
"My dad took a square shit when he saw what I did to the front bumper of his car."


"I took such a square shit when I heard I was working for Matt New Year's Eve."
by Unkie Al December 29, 2005
(Addendum to an existing word)
Slang term for the penis -- in limited use, originated on the syndicated "Greaseman" radio show in Washington DC.
She grabbed my manly hydraulics and gave them such a sss-squuuuee-eeze!
by unkie al October 15, 2004

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