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A terminally stupid and clueless individual. One who always gets things wrong. The "booze" part has nothing to do with alcohol, however the babooze himself often does.
Hey, babooze! The cup of your jockstrap goes in front!
by Unka Pignuts February 23, 2003
A person who was born with his buttocks in the front.
Hey pr0fessor! Ya got toilet paper hangin' out da front of yo pants!
by Unka Pignuts February 23, 2003
A fart so low-pitched that it rattles the windows like a passing freight train and causes the anus to vibrate like a venetian blind shaken by a gust of wind.
Yo, beeze! You musta ripped yo'sef a new one wid dat rattler!
by Unka Pignuts February 23, 2003

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