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Founded in 1888 Utah State University was originally known as the Utah State Agricultural College and was established by an act of the Utah Territorial Legislature. The agricultural roots remain and students from USU are known as Aggie's.

Today however the university has expanded far beyond Agricultural Science offering hundreds of B.S. M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The school is widely hailed as being a research school and has sent more experiments into space than any other university in the country which has earned it the nickname of Utah Space University.

The main campus is in Logan, Utah, but there are sattelite and regional campuses in each of the 29 counties of Utah. As of 2008 student enrollment at the main campus consists of about 14,000 undergraduates and 4,000 graduates while regional campuses put the total enrollment close to 25,000.

Aggie's take pride in their athletics and are known as some of the craziest fans in the country. Many sports media figures have been amazed when the attend basketball games in Logan, Utah comparing the frenzied student section and atmosphere at Aggie games to that of ACC universities known only for basketball.
I attend school at Utah State University, the greatest university in the world.
by Universal_remonster December 30, 2008
A mascot shared by many great agricultural colleges across the country. Notably Utah State University, Texas A & M and New Mexico State University.

These schools each have roots in agricultural science and have therefore adopted the Aggie as their athletic mascot. What an Aggie is varies depending on the school. Texas A & M has a Collie dog named Reveille as it's mascot. Utah State University uses a bull which they call Big Blue. New Mexico State has a cowboy named Pistol Pete.
People know that if someone is an Aggie from Utah State, they are likely loud and crazy at basketball games.

An Aggie from Texas A&M probably knows a thing or two about massive bonfires.
by Universal_remonster December 18, 2008
A suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah sitting to the west of the Wasatch mountains, Bountiful was settled September 27, 1847, by Perrigrine Sessions. It was not called Bountiful until 1855.
Bountiful is in Davis County. As of the 2000 census the population was just over 41,000 with a population density just over 3,000 people per square mile. It is the site of an LDS (Mormon) temple, two high schools and more church buildings than one would think possible in a town with a total area of only 13.5 square miles.
I grew up in Bountiful.
by universal_remonster January 10, 2008
Abbriviation for the Utah Transit Authority. UTA handles mass transit operations along the entire Wasatch Front of Utah serving Davis, Salt Lake, Utah and Weber counties.

UTA has many bus routes in all four counties and also many commuter trains, known as TRAX in downtown Salt Lake City as well as the FrontRunner train which spans a distance from Ogden to downtown Salt Lake.
My car doesn't handle the snow so well, so I took UTA to school today.
by universal_remonster December 30, 2008

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