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1)the most pathetic sport ever conceived...its sole purpose is to entertain fat pathetic american losers who have no lives.

2)the act of running around in circles with a break in between

3) a sport where an athelete can be overweight and still be considered a great star

4) a sport that even a chimp can play (hit a ball with a bat....wtf??)

5) It pays wayyyy toooo much for its absurd simplicity and mediocrity....they pay the freaking athletes to do nothing

6) what an "all-american dad" wants his son to play.....i know from experience. *pukes*

7)Dumbest sport in high school....only for stupid jocks that like to grab balls and sticks..

8) poor man's cricket

9) only sport that gets cancelled over a crappy shower O_O

I can go on....but a sport this bad....doesnt deserve all of my breath and crticism
baseball is too bad for an example....

but a team that gets paid over 100,000,000 and still sucks major ass...can tell you something about it....
by UniqueHuman September 05, 2006

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