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A kind sweet girl, Loyal, friendly, crazy, everything you could want in a friend. She like all girls can go both ways, but will look for whats on the inside not the out. Katie's will judge on personality, and chase their heart. They don't express their feelings in public, but when alone they will cry their eyes out. Most do have trust issues, but when in their comfort zone they will let go of inner feelings. Most have nice round "black girl" butts, and nice melon breasts, but some are not as gifted. The name "Katie" does have a bad reputation for being slutty, but not all are. Katie's may be more feminine, but are strong when they need to be. Don't under estimate them. They like adventure, although they are shy at first the more you get to know them the more crazy they become.
I saw Katie at the party last night, Really cool girl.
by Unicornsssssssssss May 20, 2012

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