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A "cone" being a Australian/New Zealand slang word for bowl (of your bong) a "breakkie cone" is a phrase describing a toke or two before breakfast. Also known as a Pre-breakkie cone. The post breakkie cone obviously wraps up your breakfast session.
Stoner #1--"Man I am so starving after that breakkie cone I might eat your mom."

Stoner #2--Fuck off bag stand, lets grub.
by Uniboehmer February 14, 2009
A place where you might rest your (testicle)bag. Often upon the chin or forehead or across the nose of a nearby trog. Also used as an even more derogratory term for an idiot or douche bag.
Example 1). "Dude, this bag stand is going 50 MPH in the fast lane.. I want to end his stupid life"

Example 2). "That sluts face is the perfect bag stand." "indeed"
by Uniboehmer February 14, 2009

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