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American Born Confused Desi. ABCDs are Americans of Indian ancestry who generally travel in packs. They can be seen in the pre-med classes of college campuses across the country. They're generally from the suburbs, listen to rap music, and get drunk every weekend while their parents think that they are little angels who don't know a thing about sex or drugs. Although ABCDs never hang out with non-Indians, they usually abhor their ancestral culture and refuse to watch Indian movies, listen to Indian music, speak in Indian languages, or eat Indian food. ABCD guys are the Indian equivalent of wiggers while the girls are stuck-up spoiled brats who don't know how to drive. Despite usually being cheap, ABCDs are willing to spend lots of money on cover charges and alcohol.
Sumeet from Sagedale is the ultimate ABCD; he's pre-med, drinks obnoxious amounts of alcohol, is always late, and only associates with other ABCDs.
by Uniballer June 25, 2006

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