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Drama - A term people normally use for attention. Every thing since day one has been Drama. Anything that involves speech to action will be a cause of some sort of drama.
Hi, my name is Sandra, and I am drama free. So if ya got any Drama in your life then Don't bring it here.

A made up excuse to avoid other life situations.

A person without any sort of drama isn't a living being at all.

The day that we are born is brought up from the such Term used as Drama.

Unless you are that special to the fact your born in a dungeon and had your tongue cut out which is still some sort of lively hood of traumatized Drama. Then there is no such thing as a Drama free life.

Drama - Meaning from everything we did and done from past, and to the present.

Drama - Once someone opens their mouth and talks.

Drama - Will justify a woman. All the attention she wants comes from the Drama she creates.

Drama - those who talk about living Drama free lives are the worst that cause the Drama.
by Undyingbreed November 03, 2010

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