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A stupid "news" segment that they force you to watch in high school through the school tv's.

It consists of nothing but bullshit and it always goes to them talking about cancer or a lot of people dying to something "happy" so you forget about what you just heard.

It is the biggest load of bullshit since the OJ simpson trial.
"hey Zack, according to channel one we have cancer because we just watched a TV".

"hey zack this black guy is trying to avoid steryotypes, IT ISN"T WORKING"

"hey Zack, this is fucking bullshit who gives a shit about the "play of the week"

"hey zack these guys are fuck-offs"
by Undie Bundie September 17, 2007
a very ugly disgusting dirty lesbian. Usually found in creepy alley ways. another key feature is the screwed up teeth.
dude...laurissa is a troglodyke i hope she stops talking.
by undie bundie October 21, 2007
My stupid racist neighbors.

A bunch of fuck-offs who sit around and watch nascar (asscar) when it's on.

Majority of people in fenelton pennsylvania.
"and the cars go around again, and again, and again, and someone wrecked and died (thousands of white trash assholes mourn"
by Undie Bundie September 23, 2007
very very very gay man.

In a group of men the man who decides to invite girls to where ever you are going.

very gay man on a boat.

"if I told you i was an ass captain, would you swab my poopdeck?"

"and dorian is the designated ass captain for the night"
by Undie Bundie September 23, 2007

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