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An ugly, cave-dwelling lesbian.
"I heard Trina got beat down by a troglodyke with a pipe wrench."
by Taylor the brain August 11, 2006
an early cave-dwelling lesbian
That troglodyke looks hungry.
by Hi[gh] July 09, 2010
a very ugly disgusting dirty lesbian. Usually found in creepy alley ways. another key feature is the screwed up teeth.
dude...laurissa is a troglodyke i hope she stops talking.
by undie bundie October 21, 2007
a lez trog. lezbehonest.
look at that troglodyke. DAYUM.
by trogggggggggggggggg September 04, 2011
A really ugly lesbian
Yo Dawg, see Ashlee Simpson After her surgery? She a troglodyke, n'gga
by ilikeeatingbrains June 19, 2006