Top Definition
An ugly, cave-dwelling lesbian.
"I heard Trina got beat down by a troglodyke with a pipe wrench."
by Taylor the brain August 11, 2006
an early cave-dwelling lesbian
That troglodyke looks hungry.
by Hi[gh] July 09, 2010
An ancient or pre historic lesbian commonly found in parts San Diego, Oakland, Denver and Chicago.
Be weary of the troglodyke in the corner of the restaurant.
by SANMATT September 28, 2014
a very ugly disgusting dirty lesbian. Usually found in creepy alley ways. another key feature is the screwed up teeth.
dude...laurissa is a troglodyke i hope she stops talking.
by undie bundie October 21, 2007
a lez trog. lezbehonest.
look at that troglodyke. DAYUM.
by trogggggggggggggggg September 04, 2011
A really ugly lesbian
Yo Dawg, see Ashlee Simpson After her surgery? She a troglodyke, n'gga
by ilikeeatingbrains June 19, 2006

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