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Too Ugly For Words

correct usage: That biatch is TUFW
Incorrect usage: sam's a TUFW
by Undefined as of yet November 20, 2007
A mixture of the words,

and 'Retard'

Alogether it makes, Wotard. Someone who is way beyond retarded, someone you can't even describe that's how wotarded they are.
'OMG Chris is so wotarded........wtf is he doing??'
'She was acting like such a wotard'
by Undefined as of yet April 24, 2007
A BWAB is an abbreviation for the term;

'Born Without A Brain'

You would usually say it to chavs, gangsters, wiggas and anyone else who has NO sense of style, shows incorrect usage of the English language, and generally has incompetence written all over their faces.
'Iya Der Iz u Aite Blud?' - DAN
'Dan, you are definately a BWAB!

'Yo Momma iz so fat..dat she be.... -
'shut up you BWAB'

by Undefined as of yet October 30, 2007

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