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Mountain Dew.

So named by perennial Dallas city council candidate and activist Sandra Crenshaw, following the 2008 Texas Democratic primary and caucuses which she led.

In a comment posted by Crenshaw on the D Magazine "Frontburner" blog on 3/6/2008, she described a post-caucus event where she intended to serve "popcorn in brown paper sacks and cactus juice (Mountain Dew) and Texas Earl Campbell Links."
Amos: "I hear there is a rally for Dallas city council members' legal defense funds."
Andy: "Really? Will there be cactus juice and sausage?"

Kingfish: "I need to get back to my Southern roots. I was thinking about getting a moon pie and an RC Cola."
Lightning: "You mean some cactus juice and a hot link, right?"
by UncleDoug October 07, 2009
(chôf, choff), verb, choughed, choughing
1. to vomit in a most violent manner. Combination/contraction of "cough" and "chunder"
I choughed all over myself after that last shot of tequilla.
by UncleDoug July 26, 2006

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