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N.) A Lydia is the embodiement of beauty; she is the fire that never stops blazing. When in her presence, you can't help but feel helpless before her hypnotic gaze. She makes you laugh when you want to cry, she makes you paralyzed when you want to move, and she makes you speechless when you have everything in the world to say. (If you experience these symptoms, contact a love doctor at once. It probably means a Lydia has stolen your heart and you have lost all hope of ever getting it back.)
"Whoa man! Did you see that Lydia??"
"Heck ya bro; I can't move my legs!!"
"Me neither!"
"We should probably get that checked out."
"Nah, I'm sure it is completely normal to lose feeling in both of your legs and collapse to the ground."
by UncleBobbyBee May 04, 2010
Adj.) Being completely and utterly awesome to the point that if you were any more awesome you would internally combust and take a crap in your pants at the same time
Holy crap! Did you just see that guy explode?! He was way past phantasmagorical!

I think it would be phantasmagorical if a 200 lb. bottle of soda could just come over here and rape me in the glutes.
by UncleBobbyBee May 04, 2010

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