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A digimon that looks like Koby Bryant and owns a basketball team called the 'Los Angeles Rapers' and has a famous attack calles "Harden Pubic Hair"
"Go, H.Murpimon! Harden pubic hair attack!"
by Uncle Ray Ray November 10, 2003
A person who likes to GRIND on wind up dolls that look like mothers.
Barbie: "HEY!! Knock it off Ken! I'm not loosing my virginity till i'm married! YOU MOTHERFUCKER"
Ken Doll: "Shutup before you get layed and i melt your plastic ass, GRINDING"
by Uncle Ray Ray November 11, 2003
What one rednecks say when they have an orgasm, usually from riding in their "hot Chevy" or watching too much Girls Gone Wild....
MMM...Yeah, 60 miles per hour damnit, GET Er' Done!!!
by Uncle Ray Ray August 17, 2004

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