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2 definitions by Uncle Owl

From the Greek words Sophos; meaning wise, and Moros; meaning fool, or foolish. Literally, a 'wise fool'.
1. A word used to denote the stage when a person has gained sufficient knowledge and/or skill to be of some use to his/her society or community, but is still sufficiently untutored or unskilled to perform wisely or correctly in most situations.
2. The second level of instruction in both secondary and collegiate education.
1. His explanation was sophomoric (sic) and uninspired.

2. She is in her sophomore year in college.
by Uncle Owl October 20, 2004
Noun - Someone who goes along with the majority regardless of the consequences to him/her self or personal situation, simply because of a wish to be a part of the group.
Term originated from part of an old and not very funny joke.
Sam just HAD to go skiing with everyone else! Spent all that cash on gear and then had his new ride repossessed 'cause he didn't have the note. What an effing trid!
by Uncle Owl October 20, 2004