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3 definitions by Uncle Junk

1. This is any helmet that has a large cock/dildo attached to the front of it. The helmet should ideally have a chin-strap for extra added control. Depending on the size of the cock this item can really attract some great attention. It's a lot of fun to use too.

2. The head of the penis.
He wore his cock helmet out on Halloween and every dirty-nurse, french-maid, sexy slut out that night couldn't keep themselves from hanging from it.

She did a wonderful job of working my cock helmet as she gave me fellatio.
by Uncle Junk September 01, 2006
The act of laughing with such exuberance that one becomes involuntarily flatulent.
While falling victim to a toilet tackle I broke into an outrageous ass laugh!
by Uncle Junk June 11, 2007
1. a person who solicits fun and happiness.

2. a gathering held for such solicitation.
Those two have so much fun together just being around them is a funraiser!
by Uncle Junk June 11, 2007