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1. (Verb) When an obese person lets another party squish two of his or her fat rolls together simulating a pair of breasts in order for said "other party" to fuck. Similar to Titty Fuck using fat rolls instead of boobs. Also called FF, Gut Fuck or Gu-Fu (Goo Foo).
Cindy was very resourceful. She proudly took on eight guys at once. Although technically only three of them actually penetrated, the other five just Fat Fucked her and called it a night.
by Uncle Jesse April 07, 2005
an adjective used to describe something that really sucks or has really bad quality, etc.

This word was originally just an insult for the faggot rapper "P. Diddy", but it eventually made its way to describing things.
1.)I would take you there myself, but my car is p. shitty.
2.) Man, your guitar is p. shitty!
3.) This is one p. shitty piece of pie!
by Uncle Jesse July 01, 2004
A phrase to express disgust for an IRC op.
Fuck A Damn Op!
They Tork at Netlinkville for spamming Torkworld! FADop!
by Uncle Jesse August 02, 2004

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