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1 definition by Unai

A derogative term and homophobic slur directed toward one (Typically Male) whom is regarded as homosexual. This term is also defined as a bundle of sticks, twigs or wood. The historical correlation between a bundle of sticks and a homosexual derives from medieval torture, persecution and execution practices. Much of European society during the middle ages viewed homosexuality like witchcraft. The common ignorance, fear, judgment, and pseudo-christian perspectives of such times resulted in the "Burn at the Stake" method of ridding such "social ills" from society. If one was suspected to be a homosexual, he would be tied up or hung to a beam of wood, lots of wood would be placed around him and then he would be set on fire. The assemblage of both the person accused of being homosexual in conjunction with the wood would be known as a "Faggot".
"Look at that faggot, he is so gay."
by Unai February 20, 2006