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Meaningless American use of the English language. Often reflective of a complete lack of content in what they are saying - people of average intellect, articulation and education will simply pause and think about what they are saying. Probably due to American television with programs such as “Clueless”, “Legally Blonde” and “the OC”, which depict successful people as not requiring any form of intelligence or decent command of the English language. In real life, these people look stupid, act stupid, and everyone thinks they are stupid. Typically, they fail intelligence tests.
“He was like…I mean…like….like…I mean…totally….like…totally…couldn’t even speak american properly…like…I mean…”

“I mean…like…one day…like…I will be the most successful…like…lawyer or teacher…like…I mean….just like in that movie…like…I better buy some pink clothes...i mean”
by UnCo May 17, 2005
What you say to someone when you want to express that they have pissed you off because they have done, or forgotten to do, something. Consequently, you feel that they are a numbnut, idiot, dumbass, blonde, stupid etc.
To the random smelly sweaty guy who doesn’t shower nor wear deodorant and sits right next to you on the train – “NOT HAPPY, JAN!”
by UnCo October 15, 2006

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