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Some crazy church that thinks because the US is tolerant of homosexuality that God is killing our soldiers overseas. The church is made up of about 100 members of the pastors family and is unaffiliated with any other Baptists in the country. In other words... its a joke. The pastor is a nut-job lady who feels that she needs to travel around with her church to these military funerals and inform people through large signs reading 'God hates Fags!' and 'Thank God for IEDs' that the soldier is now 'rotting in hell' and so on. It must make her feel good. Her interviews with the large news companies (Fox News, MSNBC) can be found on the internet. They'll either be a good laugh for you or a huge frustration.
Westboro Baptist Church: 'Your son is now rotting in hell because the died fighting for a country that does not obey God! None of you are true Christians!'
by Ullio June 24, 2006
A slap to the side of ones face with the back of the hand.
Nukka! Be nice or I pewl you!
by Ullio April 30, 2005
The state at the bottom of the list in terms of driving ability. If the car in front of you has a West Virginia plate it is in your best interest to back off another 10-20 feet. If the car behind you has some NASCAR or WV Mountaineer plate on the front bumper,(front plates aren't required by West Virginia), it would be in your best interest to pull over and wait for them to pass.
Guy: "That car can't stay in the late. Must be drunk."

Gal: "No, look. They're from West Virginia."
by Ullio July 12, 2006

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