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3 definitions by UlicUK

The hidden extra internet browser installed on a computer with all of the menu shortcuts removed, allowing secret storage of porn bookmarks along with history.
Thanks to my Bongo Browser, I can find all of my favorite mucky sites quickly without er indoors finding out i'm into fisting and drawf rimming.
by UlicUK September 05, 2008
The act of disappearing during a drinking session due to too much drink/lack of money/boredom/avoidance of forfeit without letting anyone know.
They were starting on the dodgy pints and penalty gins so I trapdoored last night before it got too messy.
by UlicUK June 23, 2011
(forest of dean) a flock or large amount of something
any fit women about? Yes, there's a yup of em in the next pub.
by UlicUK September 05, 2008