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5 definitions by Uknown

cute lil gurl, who loves to criticize others(but in a positive and funny way), many tim hortons and club guys hit on her, cuz shes such a party freak, and luvs to get it on ...loool
the most original god's creation and a great, sweet friend anyone could hope 4:)
when he said yo, Djurdjica said sorry i aint a ho
by Uknown March 01, 2005
Tracy McGrady the best player in the NBA way better than that little bitch Kobe Bryant n Tim Duncan n carrys his team the magic n also should have been the MVP
Tracy McGrady omg hes so much better than Kobe
by uknown May 08, 2003
the d to tha j to the u to the r to the d to the j...oki u get da point...iz ma kutiii mereeeeeeeeeeeee jaanniiii...she likez em brothas fyneeee and she dun like no bendejos cuz she a mamacitta who lyke to say "he dun luv me no mo" hihihi
Djurdjica said he was a foo, cuz all he did was drool, didnt want nothin but that thang, she dun need a boy, she need a mayneeee
by Uknown March 01, 2005
lil horny ho, da best friend sum1 could ask 4;) sistaz 4 life keepin it real wurddd, also known as blondie, but a cute n sexy one, gets all da men even if she dun want em..sweet gal
the blondness keeps Kasia alive
by Uknown February 28, 2005
the one after 2nd base.
1st Base, 2nd Base
by uknown February 07, 2003