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University of Malta is the top educational institution in malta. MCAST (which is the cheap alternative where one can enter with only 2 or 3 O-levels) is nothing compared to the University of Malta, where 2 A-levels and 3 Intermediates are required. In UOM, the important things are learnt, especially for engineering, where students are actually thought how to be a real engineer, not just how to weld 2 pieces of metal together or fix cars.
UOM student: "Hi, you came for an interview, right?"
MCAST student: "Yes, ai come for intervjuwn"
UOM student: "What qualifications do you have?"
MCAST student: "Ai have 3 O-levels, and a diploma in car fixing"
UOM student: "Ok, thank you, that is enough for today. How would you like to recycle this for me?"
MCAST student: "Orrajt, no problem"
UOM student: *Hands MCAST student's CV* "Thank you, I only accept real engineers from the university of malta"
by UOMguy January 20, 2010

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