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An extremely attractive male, that makes you fall under his love spell just by making direct eye contact. Has gorgeous blue eyes, but has a hard time realizing whats in front of him. Has very low self esteem, thinks hes ugly and doesn't try hard. Could be very smart if he tried to succeed. Peer pressured into trying bad things. Parents are mean to him which only makes him do worse things like sneaking out at night. Although he has quite a bit of issues/problems, Robert is one of the friendliest, nicest boy you will even met. He is very honest and you can always trust him with keeping a secret a secret. Robert likes to keep things to himself. You will never forget meeting a Robert and he will make a huge impact on your life. P.S. A very good dancer.
Friend: Whos that guy with eyes as blue as the ocean
Me: Oh thats Robert
Friend: Oh you like him
Me: Yes
Friend: He'd be a keeper
by UNKNOWN4441 January 02, 2013

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