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To model ones beef is to place thou cockus in thee mouth and pose for the camera
SexPhoneOperator: Hey baby...
HornyMan: Would you like to model my beef?
SexPhoneOperator: oh fo' shizzle my nizzle...
HornyMan: aight then model it bitch
by UGRadio March 04, 2003
To smile with one's beef in their mouth, with their hand on the beef owner's testicals. See also, nigga tyrone
Nigga Tyrone: "Model my mothafuckin beef mothafucka!"
by UGRadio March 04, 2003
(n) A place located in Melville, Louisiana according to Herbert Tanner.
I live right down the street from ya. What you say? Wahwholane.
by uGRadio March 08, 2003
(n.) A person whom defies the system.
(adj.) To be like ANTiSYSTEM.
(n.) ANTiSYSTEM 0wned me.
(adj.) That guy had the ANTiSYSTEM skills!
by UGRadio March 05, 2003
To own one via telephone by way of hiding one's telephone identity.; Mastered by UGRadio.
Nigga Tyrone pranked his bitch ass!
by UGRadio March 04, 2003
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