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The fear of poking one's own eye out
arachnophobia is to fear of spiders, as autooptopokephobia is to the fear of poking one's own eye out.
by UDwurdcreator January 13, 2009
An expert user of twitter.
One who writes twits throughout the day, everyday.
My friends are all twitterites. I have been a twitterite for the past year.
by UDwurdcreator February 02, 2009
(noun) either an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend that you can't seem to get rid of no matter what you try. Just like a booger that is stuck on one finger and you try to fling it off, but it gets stuck to your next finger over and over again.
(boy trying to get rid of girl)I tried seeing other guys to see if that would get rid of my ex-booger, but it didn't work. I also tried changing my phone number and deleting my ex-bogger from my facebook and myspace, but she somehow keeps sticking to me.
by UDwurdcreator March 17, 2009

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