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To be in the dissociative state induced by ingesting excessive amounts of dextromethorphan (DXM). This chemical is most commonly abused though the consumption of cough syrup, which contain DXM for its antitussive (cough-suppresant) properties. The name is derived from the common cough syrup brand, Robotussin.

The dissociative properties induce a "trippy" altered state, but should not be confused with the "trips" caused by psychedelics such as shrooms; the drug is in the same group as PCP, not LSD. Hallucinations are possible but rarer at common levels, while common experiences include a separation of mind and body, feelings of supreme balance and strength, sensory deprivation, and intense dreamlike states. People who are under the influence of DXM are also known for their distinct "robo-walk", a jerky walking movement caused by the lack of sensory control.
Chris: Did Dave really just hit Rob in the face with a baked potato?

Jackie: He doesn't know his own strength man, he's robotripping. He also thinks he's in Dimension B right now and can't feel his legs.

Chris: Is Rob gonna be okay? ...hello?
by UConn Rob October 25, 2006

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